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Getting a degree or diploma means that you can get a better-paying job, possibly with better job security and more benefits.

Start planning when you begin preparing to get into a university, so that you take the right subjects for the course you want to do later, and plan how you will finance your studies. Get information here about the different higher education institutions in your country and how to start planning.

Choosing where to study
Find out what Universities, Universities of Technology and Colleges there are in your country.

Paying for Higher Education
Higher Education is very expensive. Fortunately, you can find help paying for some or all of it.

Planning Calendar
Use our calendar as a guideline to plan for higher education.

Taking the SAT or ACT
If you want to go to a university or college overseas, you will probably need to take the SAT or ACT. Get information about preparing for the tests. Find out how to sign up and how much the tests cost.

Did you know that most universities accept mature students (over the age of 23)? You will need to write an entrance test to see whether you will cope with the work. Contact the university you are interested in to find out more.

There are lots of steps involved in getting ready for higher education. You can get all the information you need on the Beehive or you can learn more about degrees, diplomas and other education options in Career Coach.

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